We are a family owned and operated company that cares about our customers like our own family. We have a team of experienced engineers designing, installing and quality checking every system we build to ensure the best system for your needs.

Clean solar power made easy

We are your full service solar system provider. Our team will take care of everything from design and permits to home inspections and solar panel installation. Just sit back, relax and enjoy guilt free electricity… as well as these ReefSolar guaranteed benefits.


Real time monitoring system means you will never have to worry about your system under performing.


Solar power systems are very reliable, but we’ll take care of any repairs at no added cost if anything does happen.


We stand behind our work for as long as you have your system, no other company can make the same claim.

We are a full service company

We do much more than just install a solar system on your roof, we are energy consultants who will give you a full analysis of ways you can save money on your electricity bill before you go solar. Ask your consultant about our TAKE YOUR POWER BACK program.